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Pelvic Clock® exercise device, invented by a former Olympic coach, is a stretching aid for chronic lower back pain relief. Recommended for lumbar spinal stenosis, hip pain, and sciatica caused by sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am in constant agonizing pain, will this help me?

When you are in ACUTE pain it’s too late for exercises as a cure-all. It might take several weeks before you can start using the device. It works for CHRONIC pain when used on a regular basis but it is not a miracle cure for agonizing pain.

Who should use the Pelvic Clock® device?

The Pelvic Clock® exercise device is recommended for people with bad posture and/or who have a sedentary lifestyle. If you spend more than 2 consecutive hours sitting at a desk, driving, commuting, or watching TV and you feel stiffness or pain in your back—especially your lower back—you can benefit from using the Pelvic Clock® device.

What does the Pelvic Clock® device do?

The Pelvic Clock® device helps you to loosen and stretch your lower back muscles and to realign your lumbar, pelvic, and hip joints through gentle shifting and rotating. Using the device allows you to pinpoint your tight and painful spots and “unlock” them by moving your pelvis into the correct positions that activate the muscles and joints in those hard to reach spots, and without professional help.

I'm currently experiencing lower back and/or hip pain. Is the Pelvic Clock® device safe for me to use?

There are many kinds of pain and it is always recommended that if you are experiencing a new sharp, undiagnosed pain, you should go consult a doctor immediately. If you have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis, sciatica, or sacroiliac dysfunction, and you are familiar with your chronic pain, you can and should use the Pelvic Clock® device as a pain management tool on a regular basis. And if you occasionally feel a dull pain in your lower back, buttocks, or groin after sitting for an extended period of time, you can use the Pelvic Clock® device for relief and to prevent inflammation.

How long does the pelvic clock exercise take?

Roughly 5 to 10 minutes. The number of repetitions and length of practice will vary for each person depending on the affected side, the location of a tight spot, general physical condition, posture, age, and degree of pain. The goal is to perform all of these exercises within a pain-free range of motion, with the expectation that the pain-free range of motion will increase with use of the device until you are no longer in pain.

How long will it take for me to start seeing results?

It depends on your condition. If the pain is relatively new, the relief can be almost immediate. If you have had chronic pain for weeks, the inflammation has spread further along your sciatic nerve and it will take weeks of regular practice to obtain lasting results. Sometimes you need to “work through your pain” to get long-term relief. It’s not obligatory. If you make this conscious, healthy choice over painkillers, here’s how you should approach it: Start your basic Pelvic Clock practice with small movements within your acceptable pain zone (i.e., the range of motion within which you experience some pain, but not an unbearable amount). Allow your body to relax with deep, slow, rhythmic breaths. Try to gradually increase the angle of your pelvic tilts. Everyone is different. If you are not able to use device’s full range of motion at first, get there slowly. Accept your limits and push them little further on your next practice.

I have scoliosis. Can I still use the Pelvic Clock® device?


I'm overweight and have concerns about the device being the right fit for me. Does the Pelvic Clock® device come in different sizes?

The Pelvic Clock® device is designed to fit any adult sacrum. The design is based on a histometric study of 102 human sacrums published in an Eastern European medical journal in 2011. According to this study, the average difference in the measurements of male and female sacrums is less than ½". Like the rest of our bones, the sacrum doesn’t increase in size after a certain age even if our surrounding flesh continues to expand!

What material is the Pelvic Clock® device made of? Is it safe to use on all surfaces?

A high quality US made thermoplastic. No latex. We recommend that you use the device on a hard floor with a yoga or Pilates mat for padding. If you have difficulty getting on to the floor, don’t worry! You can still use the device on a very firm bed or sofa, or on a massage table. If your bed is too soft, you may use a plastic kitchen cutting board and place it under the device.

Does the Pelvic Clock® device come in other colors?

Only red for the moment.

Can I use the Pelvic Clock® device after hip replacement surgery?

Yes! You can start after you have completed your post-surgical physical therapy unless your PT recommends that you use the Pelvic Clock® exercise device during your therapy.

I am in constant agonizing pain, will this help me?

When you are in agonizing ACUTE pain it’s often too late for exercises as a cure-all. You should immediately see your doctor, chiropractor, or physical therapist until the inflammation has subsided. It might take several weeks before you can start using the device. It works well when used on a regular basis but it is not a miracle cure for agonizing pain.

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