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Pelvic Clock® exercise device, invented by a former Olympic coach, is a stretching aid for chronic lower back pain relief. Recommended for lumbar spinal stenosis, hip pain, and sciatica caused by sacroiliac joint dysfunction.


Pelvic Clock® exercise device is a fabulous invention and I’ve used it on my toughest PT patients! By Susan King, Owner of PT and Pilates, South Carolina.

Igor Gershengorin

The Pelvic Clock in a few days has addressed my needs by getting rid of my pain... 

By Tom Finkle

I had herniated my L5-S1 disk back in 2003 while stretching. I was performing a stretch I've heard called the Sphinx or Upper Dog. It felt like a sharp pain in the back of my left leg. Over the next few months, the pain traveled from my hip down to my foot. I had a 3 mm herniation causing the pain.

I worked with a local chiropractor who also is a rehabilitation specialist. Unfortunately, adjustments were ineffective. The primary muscles in my back were dormant, and I was using my secondary muscle to stabilize my back. Eventually, my doctor started to used Dynamic Neuromuscular stabilization (DNS) technique pioneered by Dr Pavel Kolar.

Between DNS, two cortisone shots and incorporation of restorative yoga, I had lived pain-free. Then in December 2017, I felt a long-forgotten pain in my left hip. 

Two months later, the pain was still in my hip. I came across your website and decided to try it. In days, the pain had gone away. The arch in my lower back is slowly going from excessive to normal.

The Pelvic Clock in a few days has addressed my needs by getting rid of my pain and also is strengthening my under-used muscles. 

I highly recommend this product!