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Pelvic Clock® exercise device, invented by a former Olympic coach, is a stretching aid for chronic lower back pain relief. Recommended for lumbar spinal stenosis, hip pain, and sciatica caused by sacroiliac joint dysfunction.


Pelvic Clock® exercise device is a fabulous invention and I’ve used it on my toughest PT patients! By Susan King, Owner of PT and Pilates, South Carolina.

Igor Gershengorin

The movements are easy and well explained

By Patrizia Chen

“I've been using the Pelvic Clock for a month, at least twice a day. The difference for what regards my backache is substantial. I'm a writer and spend far too much time sitting in front of the computer. The movements are easy and well explained, after a few times it becomes automatic and a pleasure to lie down and feel that I'm re-establishing a balance in my lower back.

During the dreaded editing-time of a manuscript, it's a godsend. As a bonus it has also helped with lazy-leg syndrome that sometimes bothers me at night.”